– How to take INC radiographs

Only radiographs taken of a dog that is identified with an ID number can be subject to grading. A dog’s ID number must always be verified when images are taken.

Radiographs must be marked in a way that cannot be altered afterwards (radiographic lead).  Mandatory information that must be included in radiographs: date, registration number of the dog (or ID number), and side marker (internationally recognizable, for instance sin, dex, R, L).

Elbow joint incongruity:

A dog must be at least 12 months of age when radiographed.
The dog must be under sedation for imaging. Both elbow joints are radiographed on the same occasion.
Images must be cropped well, and their quality must allow the details to be clearly visible. Over and underexposure as well as graininess may prevent the grading of images.
Front limbs are radiographed in mediolateral projection, with the elbow joint in a neutral position (angle of 90 ° or more). Humeral condyles must be placed upon each other as well as possible to make the joint space visible. The entire elbow joint and forearm must be seen in the projection (see photo).